About Us


-       The STROKMATIC  vision is to be recognized by its client as the Best national supplier of quality products and high technology  on our segment.

-       Reaching Brazil and Latin America with a considerable participation on pneumatic automation market.

-       Operating with total commitment along with the global politics and strokmatic strategy.


We are committed to provide first class solutions in business to our customers through providing products with high quality and technology, superior services, valuing our employees to challenge their potential in pursuit of growth of the company, the community and their own.


Our values are the foundation on which each employee of the company performs their tasks and guides their actions. Our values are part of the Strokmatic`s spirit since the beginning.

A group composed of shared principles that offer such consistency to our operations and consolidate our conduct, independently of disparity of people and cultures that make up the organization worldwide.

The values ​​of Strokmatic form the essence of our company culture. Served to keep us together as a team, and reaffirm the meaning of Strokmatic throughout Brazil. Our values ​​are based on our heritage and are a source of inspiration for the future.

It is up to each of us to be an application model of our values ​​every day in everything we do.

Our values ​​consist of four parts:

• Focus on Customer & Long Term Perspective

• Quality & Innovation

• Freedom & Responsibility

We add value and inspire our customers who come to us freely. We dare to lead in long-term and take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow.


We are intransigent with the quality and implacable in finding the best and most appropriate solutions as milestones of innovation.


 We are free to act and decide, preserving the interests of the company and our customers. We operate with responsibility and conscious of the impact of our actions and decisions.


We respect and trust each other, and in all interested parts, seeking exceptional results. We appreciate teamwork and celebrate our performances